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Here are just a few of many testimonials. If you'd like to see more or to contact any of my clients for a personal recommendation please email me.

"Everyone in their lifetime..."

Everyone in their lifetime should do one of Jeff Gold's Warrior Workouts. One of the toughest workouts I've ever survived... felt great!
          Jackson Edwards, Personal Trainer, Charlotte, NC

"...can't believe the change..."

I am an emergency room physician... the stress can be incredible. And with the hours I work, I often ate food that was convenient not necessarily nutritious. In about 5 months, with Jeff's guidance, I have lost 20 pounds and gotten into really great shape. I can't believe the change in my body... and my stress levels.
          Pierre Felix, MD, Concord, NC

"...helped me to reach my top athletic performance..."

I came to Jeff looking for motivation to get back into an athletic training routine. As a competitive volleyball player and former college athlete, my fitness goals and expectations often became barriers that made these goals hard to reach. Jeff's continual encouragement and motivation allowed me to push past my perceived limits to get results. One of my most important goals was to increase my vertical. Each session with Jeff was individualized toward my fitness goals and objectives. On the days I was lacking the confidence to make the jump, Jeff was always there to revive my confidence and get me in the zone. I actually surprised myself with how high I ended up jumping! Not only did Jeff display extensive knowledge and understanding of fitness and training, but his tips on nutrition and wellness kept me on track and helped me to reach my top athletic performance. Thanks for all of your help Jeff ! I couldn't have reached that 17th box without you!
          Adrianne Hipsher, Charlotte, NC

"Jeff does it the way it should be done. He is right there with you."

I've observed two popular training companies. The trainers also just observed. This was not a once in a while thing but every class I witnessed. Jeff does it the way it should be done. He is right there with you. The motivation of the trainer doing the same drills you are doing, man, what a push! I have trained with Jeff several times and each time he was right there taking his turn doing the drills while I caught my breath.

I would think that all trainers and coaches should work right along side of their clients. Put the competition into the workout. And with Jeff, he does just that.
          Thanks Jeff
          Doug Brafford, Owner, Ultimate Gym

"...I have yet to find another trainer of the same caliber..."

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Jeff Gold as a personal trainer. I have known Jeff for about three years. I have found him to be a good friend and an outstanding personal trainer. I was actually being trained at the time by another trainer when I started watching how Jeff was working with his clients. Quickly after seeing this I began to realize he was heads above everyone else in his knowledge of personal training. I eventually switched to Jeff and began to see a greater improvement in my overall physical condition. Although I am not a personal trainer myself, Jeff has set the bar for others that I continue to train with. Needless to say I have yet to find another trainer of the same caliber as Jeff.
          Rick Brown, President, B&B Contracting Co., Inc.

"...investing in Jeff Gold was the best investment I've ever made..."

As an avid athlete and a life long struggler with weight issues (or as most refer to as an "Athletic Build"), it has always been difficult for me to find a workout routine that is both enjoyable yet one that yields maximum weight loss results. I had tried everything under the moon to lose weight, trim down, tone up and maintain my results.

Upon moving to Charlotte last Spring, I joined a local gym in an attempt to finally reach my goal weight. I spent countless hours in the gym training, but it wasn't until I hired Jeff as my personal trainer that I began to see true and lasting results. Jeff is not just any ordinary trainer
(and I have had my fair share of trainers). Jeff is a trainer who truly takes the time to understand his clients, what makes them tick, what they respond best to, and what they don't respond at all to. In my case, Jeff knew I was an athlete and I liked variety in my workouts but Jeff was the only trainer who realized competition was what really drove me everyday. So, Jeff challenged me everyday through a series of competitions. Some days, I was competing against time. Other days, I was competing against him. And other days, I was competiting against myself, which proved to be the toughest competition yet.

But throughout every challenge, Jeff supported me, encouraged me, motivated me and rewarded me so that I could handle the next challenge that came my way. After all was said and done, I was in better shape than I had ever been and I felt better than I ever had. I said at that time, and I still tell people today, that investing in Jeff Gold was the best investment I have ever made. Seldom do you find a trainer that takes a very personal and vested interest in your health, lifestyle and overall well-being and I can say with 100% honesty and certainty Jeff Gold is that kind of professional and one of the best trainers this city has to offer.

Jeff has supported me so much over the last year and I am very excited he gave me the opportunity to write this letter and help support his message and service across the state. If you have any questions, or would like to talk more about my experience with Jeff, please don't hesitate to email me and I'd be glad to share more.
          Katie Bradigan, Charlotte, NC