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From athletes to people who've never picked up a dumbbell, I've helped them successfully attain their fitness and health goals. I can show you how to become ultra-fit, lose weight, build muscle, improve your ability in a sport or simply get started living a healthier life. For every client I create an individualized program that will...
              • Build total-body strength
              • Increase agility and flexibility
              • Build lean muscle, lose body fat
              • Address any weakness or imbalances
              • Increase cardiorespiratory function
              • Increase confidence and self-esteem.

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Training Locations:

Private studio across from Cotswold Mall
401 S. Sharon Amity Rd.
Suite C
The Ultimate Gym
35th Street

Clients are saying...

"... can't believe the change..."
"... helped me reach my top athletic performance..."
"... I have yet to find another trainer of the same caliber..."
"... investing in Jeff Gold was the best investment I ever made..."
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Exercising correctly is crucial to achieving your fitness goals.

If you spend any time in the gym you'll notice any given exercise executed differently by almost everyone. And while doing an exercise incorrectly will generate some response, the positive results you're working so hard for might never show up. Even when you get the exercise form correct, there's the often confusing questions concerning sets, reps, rest, tempo, plateaus, when to assess and revise.

I am certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, considered the "Gold Standard" of certifications. I am also a certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach. I invest a great deal of time and money in education, ensuring clients get the best result for their time invested. I have completed, and continue to invest in, many Continuing Education Courses including courses in Anatomy, Advanced Strength Training, Programming, Flexibility and Nutrition.

Whether you are new to strength training or have been lifting for some time, I can make a difference. Email me to learn more.

Train Hard. Live Love. Look Good.

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